About Us

Quality Metal Spinning is a state of the art manufacturing company.  We have been a pioneer in the metal spinning industry for over 50 years. Our 30,000 square foot metal spinning & machine shop has multiple CNC Spinning Lathes, 5 Axis Machining Centers, waterjet stations, 3d printing cababilities and more. We pride ourselves on producing high quality precision spun parts on time.  We are a one stop shop that can produce all necessary tooling and the parts from raw material to finished product in house without the need to rely on outside vendors for manufacturing quality and or lead times. This saves you time and resources.

Our core values are based on manufacturing high quality products and providing excellent customer service.  We are ISO Certified and implement industry best practices. At QMS, we understand our craft and we also have a detailed knowledge of the technological and quality requirements of our customers. In addition to long-term relationships with leading equipment suppliers for the high technology industry, QMS has built long-standing relationships with suppliers for fine raw materials and with qualified local suppliers for cleaning, surface preparation and analytical work.