Metal Spinning

As the leading metal spinning service provider in the San Francisco Bay area for over 50 years, we pride ourselves on producing high quality metal spun parts on time. This is possible with our extensive manufacturing knowledge along with a strategic material and machine inventory. This allows us produce not only all necessary tooling but the parts from raw material to finished product in house without the need to rely on outside vendors for manufacturing quality or lead times.

With decades of experience and high quality machines QMS is able to reliably hold tight tolerances for metal spun parts. Metal spinning is a cost effective way to fabricate round parts having relatively thin wall thicknesses. These parts would otherwise be machined out of a billet. Compared to stamping or deep drawing, metal spinning introduces uniform stresses to the part from the forming process due to a radial realignment of the grain structure. Resulting in a part which wants to hold it concentricity even when introduced to a high heat environment.